Creative Programs
Creative programs are special programs for assisting institute to maximize their efficiency by discovering hidden potentials. These programs explore the institute from quite different perspectives to find potential possibilities to enhance the institute system. It goes through different aspects of academia including education, research and student life.

The main focus is to improve the institute standards and build connections over the international community.

Short Courses
Higher education is where we develop advanced professions, but sometimes the graduates needs practical skills to be successful in their future careers. A student can study hard for years to be graduated in a discipline but the lack of one simple skills can hinder him/her in finding the best job. An example of these kinds of skills is computer. Most of students know basic usage of computer, but sometimes it is needed to practically develop a particular skill.
By running a series of short courses in universities located in the developing countries, the Institute aims to provide new opportunities for students to build a better future for themselves.

These courses are designed based on local potentials and needs for each host university, but it is mainly focused on the digital world to assist students better adapt themselves with modern possibilities.

National Institute of Science and Arts