About Us

NISA aims to support the empowerment of women and girls by transferring knowledge through collaborative research, technical assistance and consultation.

NISA is preparing tomorrow’s women leaders as teachers, scholars in Islamic studies, qualified accountants, managers, media personnel and computer specialists and health care professionals. It is committed to create an environment that is inspiring, creative and challenging.

It is hoped that generations of Muslim women will benefit from NISA and a new era of enlightenment, piety and culture will emerge from the corridors of this Alma Mater.

Offer holistic education for the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural development of women. We offer full support to expand the students’ intellectual horizons by providing them with access to sources of learning available from around the world. Facilitate the enhancement of interpersonal communications, analytical ability, thinking skills and democratic leadership.

NISA for Women represents a rich tradition of excellence in technology based education. It is one of the preferred destinations for technical education among private computer, engineering and arts colleges to empower women’s engineering education heralding a new era in the modern world. To develop an institution to cater to prospective women, who wish to take up greater challenges to encounter technological problems.

NISA bring out the latent talent among students for the benefit of society as a whole, to provide computer, engineering and arts students with conducive atmosphere, to enable them to excel in courses and cares, to improve interpersonal and soft skills of students so that they can face the world and take up greater challenges.